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CounterPULSE presents Performing Diaspora

Updated: Mar 17, 2021

Red, Saffron and Green

Performing Diaspora at CounterPULSE, featuring new work by Joti Singh. August 15–18th, 2013; THU-SUN, 8pm Red, Saffron and Green tells the story of the Gadar party, founded in 1913 in San Francisco by Punjabi activists to fight for Indian independence from the British; Singh’s great­grandfather was the president of this party from 1914­1920. The performance layers Singh’s experiences as the daughter of immigrants, with the life of her great­grandfather and the fight for independence.

AUG 8 Festival Kick-off AUG 10 Symposium AUG 15 – 18 Festival Weekend One AUG 22 – 25 Festival Weekend Two

There are many shades of innovation, diaspora, and performance. From first generation culture bearers to third generation hyphenated-Americans, the six artists featured in CounterPULSE’s Performing Diaspora push the boundaries of their performance practice, each rooted in diverse cultural forms. Join us in August for a vibrant kick-off party, a thought provoking symposium, and two weekends of new work by Byb Chanel BibeneJoti SinghJia WuJewlia EisenbergMuisi-kongo Malonga, and Nadhi Thekkek.

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