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The word duniya means “world” in a wide array of languages, including Punjabi, Arabic, Susu and Wolof. Duniya's work embodies this word, as it explores the forces that have brought together the members of the company and their dance and drum styles, including, but not limited to, colonization, globalization, immigration, art, dance, music and love.

While many upcoming classes performances have been cancelled due to COVID-19, our classes are continuing online and outdoors!

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Current Class Schedule:

  • Monday: Online Bhangra with Joti, 7-8:15pm

  • Saturday: Outdoor West African Drumming with Bongo, 12:30-2pm


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    Note: all times given in PST, Alhassane's classes will resume      in mid-March

CLASS descriptions


Bhangra is a harvest dance originally from the state of Punjab in the northwestern corner of India and Pakistan. As people continue to cross oceans and cultures, Bhangra music and dance ceaselessly evolves, as influences of Hiphop, Reggae and many other genres of music inspire the artists who create this new Bhangra music and dance. Today Bhangra is danced mostly at weddings and celebrations by both men and women.​

Bongo teaches traditional rhythms from Guinea, West Africa. Students will learn different accompanying parts for the djembe as well as solo technique. Students interested in playing dununs (the foundational drums for the rhythm, played with sticks) will have the chance to learn kenkeni, sanban, and dundunba parts for the rhythms introduced in class. Please call 415-948-0614 if you need to borrow a drum.



This class focuses on rhythms and dances from Guinea, West Africa. Students will learn basic technique as well as the cultural contexts of the dances they learn. The class is open to all levels, and is especially good for those who are new to or have little experience with Guinean dance. It is also geared towards more experienced dancers who want to work on their technique and on learning steps at a moderate, and clear pace. The class is accompanied by live drumming, led by Bongo Sidibe.

Deep Dives with Duniya series

On August 23, 2020, Joti Singh and four expert panelists discussed accessing spirituality through African dance. Watch it here.


Next Deep Dives Event: Date TBD


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