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Duniya Dance & Drum

The Bay Area's Only South Asian and West African Dance & Drum Company

company performance workshop 

Join us for an energetic 3-week workshop where you'll learn choreography drawing on Joti Singh's training in Bhangra and West African dance. We'll be highlighting the solidarity work happening in our API communities and bringing high energy choreography that can travel down city blocks. Expect to repeat choreography that will get your heart pumping! At the end of the series participants will have the opportunity to perform in the Edge On The Square 2nd Annual Arts Festival in San Francisco's Chinatown on Saturday September 30, 2023. 


Workshop Dates: 9/13/23, 9/20/23, & 9/27/23
Time: 7:30-9:30pm
Location: Shawl-Anderson Dance Center, 2704 Alcatraz Ave, Berkeley, CA 94705 (near Rockridge BART)

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Feeling overwhelmed with gratitude! When Eyes Speak 2023 was an unforgettable event; thanks to everyone who showed up! Your love and support made it truly special!

Huge congrats to all the amazing dancers & musicians who rocked the stage! 🎊👏

To the incredible audience, your cheers and positive vibes made every performer feel like a star! Thank you for being the heart and soul of Ghadar Geet!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for making Ghadar Geet unforgettable! 🙏❤️



We provide entertainment, online and live group and private instruction, lecture/demonstrations, and more!

Get your friends together for a fun private dance class for birthdays or other special occasions.

Duniya can help make your event memorable and fun!


Duniya teaches traditional and innovative performance arts from Guinea, West Africa and Punjab, India. 

Become a Patron for hassle-free access to our weekly classes. No more class-by-class payments and registration, just sign up once and gain unlimited access! Join today!



To cultivate respect for traditional forms, foster cultural exchange, effect social justice and engage in community building, Duniya performs and teaches traditional and innovative performance pieces from Guinea, West Africa and Punjab, India.



Formed in April 2007, Duniya Dance and Drum Company creates dance and music from Punjab, India, and Guinea, West Africa, as well as unique blends of these forms and beyond. The word duniya means “world” in a wide array of languages, including Punjabi, Arabic, Susu and Wolof. Duniya’s work embodies this word, as it explores the forces that have brought together the members of the company and their dance and drum styles, including, but not limited to, colonization, globalization, immigration, art, dance, music and love.


Help us to continue to promote social justice through performance art and cultural exchange. Become a donor today. All tax-deductible donations are made through our fiscal sponsor, Dancers’ Group.


Duniya cultivates respect for the music and dance of Guinea, West Africa and Punjab, India, as well as the history of these forms and the people who practice them, by creating and presenting traditional dance and music from these regions.

Cultural Exchange

Duniya builds awareness of and exchange between diasporic and traditional populations by creating innovative work that crosses boundaries of genres and explores cross-cultural themes, and by taking students annually to Guinea, West Africa.

Social Justice

Duniya promotes immigrant rights and the important role of traditional dance and music in society, through telling the stories of immigrant and diasporic communities with music and dance and collaborating with local nonprofits to offer low-cost or free performances and classes.

Community Building

Duniya contributes to a network of artists and audiences that supports and values the contributions of its cultural artists by collaborating with other companies, schools, and nonprofit organizations.

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