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Duniya in the press: Duniya Dance and Drum Company celebrates African culture

Updated: Mar 17, 2021

Katherine Tsvirkunova, Staff Writer|October 6, 2019


Spirit, love, and joy emanated from the performances.

Communities of all colors were brought together to celebrate culture and diversity on Sunday afternoon. With various dances and music from Guinea to Punjab, Duniya Dance and Drum Company brought the African Arts Festival to the Jerry Garcia Amphitheater in San Francisco.

Formed in April 2007, the Duniya Dance and Drum Company creates dances and music from unique blends of Indian and African culture. Its mission is to cultivate respect for traditional forms, foster cultural exchange, effect social justice, and engage in community building.

The African Arts Festival on Sept. 29 was Duniya’s third festival in six years.

“Its purpose is to bring people together to celebrate the art,” said Bongo Sidibe, the musical director. “We’re very activism-centered, and we hope to bring multiple cultures together.”

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