NOW HIRING: Duniya is looking for a Managing Director

Job Summary

Duniya Dance and Drum Company is seeking a part-time Managing Director to assist the Artistic Director with organizational administration and growth, fundraising, program and event organization and logistics, and budgeting.  Duniya’s mission is to cultivate respect for traditional forms, effect social justice, and engage in community building.  Duniya performs and teaches traditional and innovative performance pieces from Guinea, West Africa and Punjab, India. We are a diverse group of dancers and musicians, who love using our creative skills to create change, and we are looking for a Managing Director aligned with our mission to help take us to the next level!

Responsibilities include:

  1. Tracking program activity, attendance, and demographics, including volunteer hours

  2. Maintaining a shared event/rehearsal calendar

  3. Compiling and inputting data into the online DataArts database

  4. Producing and tracking program and event budgets in conjunction with the Artistic Director and Bookkeeper

  5. Working closely with the Artistic Director and Grant Writer on fundraising, including:

  6. Maintaining a shared fundraising calendar including grant and final report deadlines

  7. Researching appropriate grant opportunities

  8. Coordinating the grant application process

  9. Producing budgets and financial notes for grant applications

  10. Producing final reports for grant funders

  11. Coordinating fundraising event logistics as needed

  12. Coordinating productions and special events

  13. Maintaining donor database and tracking donor outreach


The ideal candidate will have experience in arts administration, event coordination, budgeting, and fundraising.  Familiarity with non-profit fund accounting concepts a plus.  The candidate must possess excellent communication skills and be able to work independently. We are willing to train the right person for this position. Duniya is a community-based organization, and we seek a Managing Director who wants to collaborate to find creative solutions to move forward Duniya’s vision. This part-time gig could be ideal for working moms or others wanting to supplement their income and work with an amazing, fun and dynamic group of artists!

The Managing Director will be expected to work 15 – 20 hours per month in collaboration with the Artistic Director. Managing Director and Artistic Director will meet monthly.

Pay is $25/hour or a $500/month stipend. Potential for more hours and higher pay in the future.

Interested applicants should send a resumé and cover letter to

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