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African Dance class oakland

Looking to experience the energetic rhythms and cultural beauty of West African dance? Our African Dance Class is the perfect place to discover Guinea's captivating artistic traditions. Taught by renowned Guinean dance instructor Alhassane Camara, this enriching course focuses on the fundamental movements and cultural context behind the intricate dances of Guinea, located on Africa's western coast.

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West african dance class

This class focuses on rhythms and dances from Guinea, West Africa. Students will learn basic technique as well as the cultural contexts of the dances they learn. The class is open to all levels, and is especially good for those who are new to or have little experience with Guinean dance. It is also geared towards more experienced dancers who want to work on their technique and on learning steps at a moderate, and clear pace.

African drum lessons

Bongo teaches traditional rhythms from Guinea, West Africa. Students will learn different accompanying parts for the djembe as well as solo technique. Students interested in playing dununs (the foundational drums for the rhythm, played with sticks) will have the chance to learn kenkeni, sanban, and dundunba parts for the rhythms introduced in class. 

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