Conversation and Reflection: CounterPULSE Performing Diaspora Artist Joti Singh

Hypen Magazine
September 6, 2013

Through original music (by Ishmeet Narula), Bhangra choreography, spoken word, and video, Joti and her collaborators tell, represent, and evoke Bhagwan’s story. The effect is a layered addition to our understanding of what it means to be American, Indian, and at home.

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Elaborating tradition

San Francisco Bay Guardian
August 14, 2013

Singh’s Red, Saffron and Green is a celebratory accounting of the Gandar party, founded in 1913 San Francisco by Punjabi activists organizing on behalf of Indian independence from Great Britain. Singh’s own great-grandfather served for a time as the party’s president. Her innovative blend of performance styles thus could be considered a natural vehicle for a story that is transnational, local, and familial at once — indeed a historically astute expression of the elaborate nature of diasporic identity and of the personal as political.

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Bay Area weekend picks, April 4

April 3, 2013

In “The Madness of the Elephant,” the Duniya Dance and Drum Company tells the saga of Guinea’s first president, Sekou “the Elephant” Toure, equally known as a benefactor of the country’s traditional arts and a paranoid dictator. In the process, they look back on Guinea’s history and forward to its future.

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The Madness of the Elephant

San Francisco Classical Voice
March 26, 2013

The West African dance, music, and theater performance, under the direction of Bongo Sidibe, explores the reign of Guinea’s first President, Sekou Touré.

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Dance Review: Half and Halves

Fresno Beehive
November 21, 2011

I experienced a remarkable evening of dance on Saturday, and my one regret is that there weren’t more audience members in the cavernous Roosevelt High School auditorium to share in it. The Duniya Dance and Drum Company and Ensambles Ballet Folklorico de San Francisco joined together for a program titled “Half and Halves,” a dance exploration of the Punjabi-Mexican communities of California.

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Inspiration Everywhere

India Currents
November 14, 2008

“Joti Singh, the 29-year-old San Francisco-based dancer, blends her Punjabi roots with her passion for West African dance, but she doesn’t like to describe her work as a strict fusion of the two. Singh, the founder and choreographer of Duniya Dance Company, describes her festive, propulsive brand of dance as drawing more strongly from her training in bhangra.”

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‘Dhoom Dhamaka!’: Shock and awe in dance

San Francisco Chronicle
September 11, 2008

“Joti Singh’s works are usually celebratory and happy. She’s a student of Guinean dance and bhangra (a Punjab, India, harvest dance), and her pieces tend to be pretty upbeat.”

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Bollywood dance classes are hot!

Contra Costa Times
August 18, 2009
“SIMONE MARTICKE likes to show off her new hip-shaking and hand-twirling moves at Alberto’s Night Club in Mountain View.

Marticke has been taking Bollywood dancing classes for a few weeks at the YWCA in Berkeley, and when Alberto’s hosts an occasional Bollywood night, she has some steps to show her longtime Bollywood dancing friends”

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